Reviews for "Ultimate Yacht Battle"

I died when he delicately shot only one of the missiles.

Honestly S-L, I come to NG look for your name on the Feastured list and if you're there I watch you've made. I look forward to every single flash movie you make. If you haven't been approached by a production company or producer to take this genre to CN Adult Swim or Comedy Central or something like that people don't know what's funny. You sir have the best sense of humor I've seen in animation for a long long time. Thank you and keep cranking these bad boys out! You make my day with every new video.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

cheers. i think too few people share this kind of sense of humour though for it to go on TV.

this was fucking awsome yeahhhhh

This is your best work!!

I havent been back in a while, and surely enough you blindside me with a throbbing cock of randomness to my eye sockets...
I enjoy how you stepped up your character development, your animation has VASTLY improved.

I look forward to awkwardly laughing my eye out again Mr.Voight!

Sexual-Lobster responds: