Reviews for "Ultimate Yacht Battle"

i really liked it. Good job making this

This episode has it all! Action, drama, romance; of course yachloads of comedy. For a while their financial situation seems utterly hopeless and unprogressive, but out of nowhere there appears a beaming blue gauss gun and associated helicopter that I assume'll bring in a dandy sum to throw away at them crap tables! Good fun.


This might be my favorite clip of yours so far. As usual your style is just right for me, and the jokes are absolutely hilarious! Some of the twists and turns, I never saw coming as well. Just absurd enough without going overboard with it.

I've loved your animations since I was a kid, and I always will.

I... I love you...

Call me!

sexual-lobster never gets less than 3 stars from me. this is my favorite movie of his.