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Reviews for "Knight Slider"

A simple game to pass the time, however, there are some questionable design choices and some flaws. This game is just the basic puzzle game in which the objective is to get the protagonist, I'll call him Jim the Knight, to the end of the stage by grabbing the key and reaching the exit using then simple tool of gravity you have at your disposal within a certain amount of turns, each spin being one turn, of course. This is in no way an original idea, but if you take the idea and improve upon it, that will make the game feel fresh, make it feel like it adds something new to this form of puzzle. However, this game doesn't do that, it's just a simple puzzle game with very few "new" things introduced. Now that that's out of the way, lets talk about the game itself. So, Jim the Knight, or very masculine protagonist, must make his way through these underground tunnels by avoiding pit falls and avoiding spikes, sometimes, and killing goblins collecting keys and going through doors all the time. To collect said key Jim the Knight must kill said goblins either by jumping on their heads with his sword or by using traps placed around the map to his advantage and making the goblins fall into them. Here's a problem, you never know where the key will spawn at first until you've killed all the goblins for the first time. That's not too much of a problem for me though, I still would have screwed up even if I knew where the key was anyways. Also, doors are introduced in stage 6, an actually "new" obstacle is implemented into the game, 1 way doors. I have no idea if that's something new or not, I have not played too many of these kind of puzzle games, but it's a somewhat interesting mechanic, nothing too exciting though, I mean... it's a door... So Jim the Knight and I are having a jolly good time killing goblins and such, but then I realized something. I want other things to kill too. This is where the game could have gotten a little bit more interesting, but no, just goblins, because goblins are ugly and should die. Anyways, as I go through the levels with bloodlust still on my mind I make my way towards the castle I see a green door slide down, I assumed it just slid from the gravity and had no idea it was a push lever, the level itself was pretty simple, so it was just a breeze. The sliding box was a cool thing I guess, but as interesting as a door, it's just a box. So I didn't really take notice to everything else to notice the green button that the box was originally on. So I progress forward, I make my way to stage 3. 'Oh, the sliding green door again, I'll just flip like this and... why's it not moving?' I then noticed the green square about 3 minutes later because I'm a stubborn prick and I finally see the pattern with the box and switch and I'm all 'herp de derp.' I realize this is my own fault, however, the brown box didn't stand out, I barely noticed it, sure the pad was green, but as soon as I saw the key all my focus went to obtaining it. I go back to the level to look at it and I noticed how you subtly showed how the lever and door worked, box drops on top of green space, green door opens. That was pretty neat but the box should've been in a more noticeable color, like red. Red would've popped out. It doesn't have to be a wood box either. Anyways, I progress a bit further, level 5 the game says; 'hay, I no tht ur an idiot, so if u ddn't fgur it out erlier hears how u use deh gren lvrs and doors, okeh bai.' S-seriously? It's required to know how to open the green doors to progress before the game even told me how it worked. That was just brilliant. It also makes the subtle teaching in level 1 seem like a waste if the game is just going to tell me how to do it. Eventually I just got bored and stopped playing, but I have worked through most of the game so I am aware of most of the mechanics in the game. I don't know if something else is introduced later on, but I do not care. The game was overall boring, although the drawings are cartoonish the atmosphere is dull due to some poor color choices. The first stage, the caverns, was 50 shades of brown, the dungeon, brown and grey, the castle, different shades of grey. It was dull to look at. The music, oh God the music, a dull 30 second loop. The music doesn't sound too much different from the menu and the stages. But the music was the exact some loop in every stage, no change, no nothing. Just the same dull loop over and over again. This game was just boring, had some good design choices, nothing above excellence, and some flaws in the design. The game was just dull. You've got to think of games like, let's say baking a cake. Work on it patiently, make sure your doing it correctly, try not too add too much or too little of anything, and try to come up with something uniquely yours, something that defines the cake as yours to give me reason to have a slice and not go to the local Wal-Mart's bakery for some cake. When you've got it all figured out and baked try to make it look pretty, your not going to have anyone buy your cake if there's just white frosting slathered on there by a used paintbrush. Just take that advice when your making a game. You've got to work on it, when you think it's done, play the game yourself, have your friends play it, ask them how it could be improved, ask yourself if it could be improved, if the answer is yes, then do it until the answer to that question is no. Games are like an art form, you keep thinking of ways to improve, you don't necessarily have to work on one project forever, just until you think it's the best you could do to it. I certainly hope you read this and take my words into consideration. Thank you.

Wishing the best-

Chaz responds:

...and they all lived happily ever after.


I hate fuckin! tutorials they ruin the game! here a tip mate why not have the tutorial as a separate option? for the noobs and armature who never played a game in there entire life! just don't include them as part of the main game.

Is this meant to be a low budget version of KnightFall? Because it plays like a low budget version of KnightFall.

The graphics and gameplay are simple. The music isn't bad, but not great. No real story or strategy, just spinning.

It would be nice if I could get past the ad for your website.