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Reviews for "Knight Slider"

Fun little game. Could use some improvements though.

As-is this is not a logical game, though it aims to be. Why? At least if your aim is "fewest possible moves" that's not logically deducible first go around. Why? Because you have no idea where the key is going to appear until you've already done it previously and that makes it all chance that you "lucked out" with the same strategy as the level designer.

The trap doors could be improved visually. As-is at least I think they open the opposite of how they look like they should.

Decent concept, but for a puzzle game it's very important that the player have all the information needed to solve the puzzle skillfully should they be thoughtful enough to do so. This principle is missing in the game due to the hidden placement of the key in levels with goblins, as the only way a player can know where the key will appear is after they've killed the goblins, requiring they do over almost every level at least once in order to get the trophy. A simple fix of applying an indicator as to where the key will appear could easily solve this issue. Otherwise this is a strong puzzle game overall.

level 1-12

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the constructive review.

I'm trying to like this game, but its just not my type. Keep trying though, you're doing good!

This was an average game,not saying the greatest game of all time,not saying it`s an bad game but average,mediocre at best.The "controls" were simple and nothing to hard to handle and get a hold of(since its just clicking either left or right),which I usually always consider a plus.The concept or idea of the game-play is not new but it is rather not common to come across as of late,but this idea of the game-play can be used to create an great game if someone utilize it correctly.Well anyway the game seemed rather dull maybe you could`ve added some story maybe some tiny dialogue every now an then to keep me wanting to play;because it really just plays out like "here`s a level, now complete it" sort of feel to it than anything else really.I breezed through the first part and every now and then I got a little bit stuck on a level but nothing too difficult(I consider difficulty the nail for the coffin when I review puzzle games).Now adding medals would actually make the game worth 100% because as I`ve stated before it doesn`t make sense to complete it in game if I get no reward for it.Now trophy`s are of some importance since you need some to get to the next stage but after you get 20 there is no need to try to get all the other trophy`s.Now the game could`ve had some extra diversity in enemies some you have to hit from the left ,some you have to hit from the right,some that can only fall through the ground,you know show some creativity.Also the level editor seem`s quite useless I mean there is no community made level forum where I can post downloads for the level I made.So in conclusion : It could use NG Medals,some more creativity,some story to it(or random dialogue), and some pizzazz to make it different from all other recent puzzle games.

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