Reviews for "GunFox vs. MonsterBoss"

i played 'till level 20 and then stopped, i'm tired. I'll maybe give it another shot latter.
Awesome game btw. I don't even know what bombs look like, it was so nervous that i didn't even use them once and just kept firing at will XD

Interesting game. The art style is simple but still quality. Various Enemies and upgrades. I liked how you could still buy back items and that there was a different mechanic to fight each monster. I think the sliding was a bonus and really helpful to defeat most if not all enemies once they hit the floor. And getting the flame proof boots definitely helped me out a great deal. All in all quality game do recommend. :)

Definitely worth playing. I love this game. It's a cute and fun to play game. I like the music too.

Great game! Fun and addicting! HINT: I don't know if it's a glitch or an easter egg but hitting "M" gives you more money? I have like 3,000 coins because I kept hitting "M" I don't think theres a limit :P