Reviews for "Pencil wars 3:Penwars"

Iba a jugarlo por las medallas, pero me terminó gustando. No entendí mucho la historia, pero bueno, ya veré. Lo que más me gustó del juego fue Pink, porque se parece mucho a mi hermanita, y en el nivel que ella juega con Penny me sentí identificado, un poco :'). Sigue así, y si no entiendes mi comentario recuerda que siempre tendremos al traductor de Google.

DIWAKAR responds:

Wo really !! Thats awesome !!!
TQ , to you and your sis And of course to Translator !!
Thanx again

Esta genial, buen trabajo, no cambies. ^_^

> White.

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Thanx for rating But
I am not able to understand What you are saying ?
EDIT: I got it Thanx dude!!

Keep up the good work!!!! :)

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Thanx Thanx Thanx!! :)

Nice. Compared to the previous games both controls and graphics do look much more refined, and the variety is still there, in steering planes and tanks and jetpacks. I like the added voice acting and the monstrous twists, and that there's a story behind it... even if it doesn't always lead where we'd like it to! :O The final boss is one tough boss, but apart from that gameplay is all balanced and fair, with as much challenge in enemies as in landing on the platforms. Music enforces the atmosphere nicely. I don't really have much more to say that what I said earlier, but I'm looking forward to the next segment of the saga! Nice work!


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Woot woot!!

Really fun game and better than the other two combined! Keep it up!


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