Reviews for "Fruit Rush"

Oh my gosh, this is addicting! The graphics look welcoming and inviting and the gameplay's really fun. There's a nice variety of upgrades to shake things up!

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it. Upgrades really change the game when bought!

Very addictive game and challenging. Its about being witty and a bit RNG luck, but mostly skills. And Thank You making an android version.

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you for playing it and I hope you enjoy the android version too! :)

Congraz bro for making my new favorite game!
This is awesome. I mean it love the graphics and theme and sound world.. Its just perfect! :)
And big PLUS you don't have to wait for next try for +30 mins if you die. I love you for making this game. *hugs*

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you!! I'm glad you like it :D

This is Awesome
this is Enjoyable
The Fruit Can turned into Ice as they are Surrounded by fruit that are not the same. Groups of Fruits can disappear once you click of of them in the group

Ice Blocks can Disappear
The Power ups can Get rid of the ice blocks

I Do love the medals
I got half of the medal. I Still need to unlock the other half.

There might be no end to the levels
The Rows of fruits may appear fast.
You did well
This Rocks
Keep up the awesome work

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you!! :D

Simple, but fun and fluid. Lots of nice feedback for every player action, and the upgrades are a nice touch. Good job!

VashTS88 responds:

Thank you! Yes, I really wanted to make a simple, but very polished game.