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Reviews for "Money Movers"

Kick-ass game dude. Great concept. The fact that you can move them both at once is even better.

Great game! I like the concept of it and the puzzles are fun to play.

Awesome Game. Funner if you actually have a second human player tho lol

awsome! i play this game whit my friend is good play whit a friend =]

The game-play was not too hard, even for children, but way too easy for teens and adults (which isn't really a bad thing). The way the levels are built make it a matter of skill and may seem tedious at times. Sometimes, I press the wrong button, allowing players to change key binds would've been a nice touch. I enjoyed small animations when you don't move the players for a while and the cut-scenes with voice acting. You could've easily left it as it is, but you exceed expectations. You sir, have done an amaze-balls job.