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Reviews for "Money Movers"

Cute one-shooter. Worth a level pack.

Pretty good game. Nice graphics and effects. I beat all 20 levels and played a couple of bonus levels and beat them too. The 20 levels could've been a little more difficult, but still an excellent job.

As stated, the game is fairly easy and the money bags too straightforward to pick up. But then again, I'm not looking for a massive challenge in games like these. The controls are top drawer and the art is clean and attractive. Nice!

As a co-op puzzle platformer, it's a much lower curve of difficulty compared to some other such games I've seen. The two characters have their own attributes that are designed to work in tandem, though there were a couple of stages where each one took center stage for the most part. The necessary action was typically understood from the start of the stage, and aside from "Barricade" the stages gave you all the time in the world to decide what you needed to do for each one. The money bags I thought were too easy to grab in the course of completing the stage as normal, making it almost laughable that I needed to get all three in every stage in order to open the bonus stage.

The controls are tight and the different mechanics all worked very well. I didn't have any problem controlling the characters and things were as such that they don't get in the way of each other. I would have personally liked some bigger and more complex stages, but the game is a quick go and that's the point so no points deducted for that. The soundtrack was fitting and not annoying, the stage clear/stage fail graphics were nice. Overall a good game, if short. It's easy to keep playing until it's over, but once it's done there's nothing to come back to.

This game deserves nothing short of a 5 rating. The game functions fantastically, no bugs anywhere apart from one transition screen sound bug where it almost ripped my ears apart.

Anywho... The art style is amazingly well made, the story is fantastic along with the voices, to me the music never got old throughout the entire gameplay and it's in general an extremely well made game.

As far as difficulty goes it's easy but is most likely aimed at the younger generation. It's nice and has you think over your moves and such. (There will be people to go on about the difficulty being too easy/too hard everywhere. That's something you can't please pretty much.)

Anyway, as I said, one fantastic game that deserves no less than a 5.

Verdict - 5/5