Reviews for "Alchemist"

Good game, but short... as for the mouse there are more than one, one of which in particular is very easy to catch compared to the others (Hint, need the lever to get to it)

Nice game. Relatively simple controls and gameplay, and limited scope. But good graphics and straightforward to pick up

Hint for all those stuck on the mouse: There are three mice in total. Check portions of the map you've "unlocked" while trying to get a different spell component.

This game is awesome, the story is simple, yet tugs you in. I love how the setting is quite dark, but yet you feel as if there is some kind of hope. Plays well with my thoughts. Only downside I had is that it seemed that from time to time my characters movements became very choppy/laggy. I don't think it is the fault of my computer, but I honestly do not know.

Again great game!

really nice game and nice soundtrack

ok this game is just amazing! 5/5