Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"


I've been addicted to this game for the past few days.
What really made me keep playing was wanting to see what characters were in the next level.
It was a bit disappointing to see characters re-used on the last level though (Neo, Y-turtle), It feels like the streak of creativity was all for nothing.
But still, I really enjoyed it so I'm giving it 5 stars,
There were a few problems that could do with some fixing,
one being with the ranged cats, if you drop down and attack an fox below, if the cat is at the back, it could get stuck there, shooting aimlessly, causing you to restart your game.
Could use with a leveling up tutorial (like one panel saying you can level up).

Loved it and want more!

So cute and adorable O3O i wish this was on mobile platform. (like my android device)
Seems like the perfect one

the hole thing looks like clay that's why the whole game is cute


Kittens VS. Kittens

Super fun!!! Amazing game with great graphics and some extremely funny outfits. Awesome music, and excellent concept/plot in general.
I do have one complaint about a very annoying bug, though: When ever you get to a new world, your remaining stamina stays the same, even when you refresh and refresh and retry and retry, you still start the new level with the low amount of stamina you ended the last one with.
Other than that one bug, epic game! Keep it up!

hooked lol