Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

this is cool in a lot of ways. i enjoy the ranged vs melee combat, being able to create a squad that optimizes certain stats in certain areas, but this game moves way too slow. it's not just the walking speed, either. when i open a chest, i have to wait 30 seconds for no reason so that the item that comes out can look shiny... that's just stupid.
the stamina thing is cool, but it just exacerbates the issue. i shouldn't have to play the same sections of the level 40 or 50 times in a row just because you want to make the game longer, so i think it's important to find a balance here. I had similar issues with the new infectonator runner game, because at a certain point it's just boring when you make little to no progress with each run. i cant and wont ever finish games like this, and im not sure why anyone feels the need to stretch out flash games to such an extent. they are supposed to be quick and fun... isnt that the point? if i wanted a long term experience, i'd be playing a commercially released title. i'd rather you come out with 30 different versions of the same game with different colors and outfits than have to trudge through all this excessive repetition.
I appreciate that you've added so many unique characters and outfits from pop culture, but what is the point of putting in that much effort when most of the people playing this will get bored before even reaching the 2nd world?

This would have been a great Halloween Game!
I love the idea of equipping costumes set to get skills.
For those having problems with stamina.
If you equip certain costumes you lose stamina.
For example in the last level I wanted to have 3 of my characters as star wars characters.
When I would start the level I would start with so little stamina I would die 3 seconds after.
To fix this try equipping different characters costumes till you get have one combination that give you enough stamina.
For example in last stage I had Jew(Kyle south park),Terry B(I though he was ash from pokemon lol),Captain and spartan.
That combination let me have enough stamina to farm the ninja turtles set.
After you farm it equip all your characters with ninja turtle set and you will have enough stamina to continue.

My last team was Princess Peach, Master Chief, Leonardo and Link.
50% blocking Attack is the best stat in the game that why I had Leonardo and Link in front.
Third I had chief from Halo with 4 heal each 3 seconds.
Last I had princess Peach from Mario because she could absorb fishes and milk this is very helpful to level up fast and getting that milk you need to be able to have enough stamina to finish level.

Another tip is equip the one in front with both Meat head and Nyah cat rainbow body there 2 do not give bonus but they give you a lot of health to be able to tank a lot of damage. This is helpful in the 3rd level.

This is so cute and fun. It does get boring after a bit though.

nya-nya, Equip the rainbow clothing on the your white cat for a surprise!

I found a bug, if you hop down, while near an enemy, and land on another enemy, the game gets confused, and you cant advance.
Apart from that, the game is pretty good, could see some improvements in the interface though.

Keep the good work!