Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

Many costumes to choose! This game is Awesome!!!

The game is great... at first. A simple game where you wind up your units and let them go, guiding them as needed. However, by the second level of the game there are significant frame-rate drops and by the third level the controls are nearly unresponsive. I can't even finish the game because I'm unable to jump over traps, enemies, or gaps. Another problem is if you happen to jump right on top of the enemy, you wont do any damage on the first collision, you are forced to take enemies head on if at all so if you accidentally land on an enemy chances are your first unit will be inst-killed in later levels. Almost a good game, but these few monumental things break the game for me. 2.5 / 5.

Great Graphics
Awesome Gameplay
Really Few Bugs

This amount of lag is unforgivable.
Highlighting the cats is mirrored (right is left)
Highlighting (the "!") the clothing parts is sometimes mirrored (up is down)
Too many empty chests.
Too slow advance/progress....
Did you make this game just for graphics?

What a great game! I would play it 24/7. Sometimes, the game mechanics wouldn't make sense.