Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

I enjoyed the cute art style and the pretty smooth controls with a good variation of equipment but after awhile the game simply got too repetitive. I did enjoy how there was four cats instead of one, I guess you don't see that too often. It was an enjoyable game and I think you did a great job. :)

fix the glitches maaannnnn!

Pretty disappointed here. Very awesome game but it has frame rate issues. Like the guy below by the third mission it became unplayable. Bummed me out because this is a pretty cool game and I really wanted to play it through. Resetting my window seems to help for a run or two but them it is right back to the stuttering. Maybe needs an option to lower quality although I'm not sure that is the problem.

Came here for the kitties.

This is a rather silly game and I love the unique game play as well. Having four cats try to not run out of stamina and get to the princess makes for a very different kind of game. You already have health and strength factors to consider with each cat, stamina simply adds on to that and gives motivation to try wasting as little time as possible fighting unnecessary dangers. Very fun and silly game.