Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

It's very irritating how at a certian point killing a cat doesn't drop his costume so you can't get a full outfit >:(

This game is tons of fun. I've been playing it for awhile, but I also noticed a few bugs and things I would change.
-It does not save your energy meter past the forest stage which males it difficult to beat the last level. Not sure if you did that on purpose, but I can only run a few steps till they collapse. So I have to constant start from the beginning which I don't want to do.
-Also if you play the game from the first level, once you get to the forest, the ghost does not chase you.
-I read other reviews, and I lag as well which really effects jumping.

What I would change:
-The only thing I would change is giving the player the ability to change the cats places. It wasn't til I was deeper in the game I realized that the 2nd cat takes most damage, and the best place for a shooter cat is in the back.

Regardless, I had tons of fun! I'd love to see part two.

im like the games!!!! very

Super fun game!

This game is extremely fun and addicting, but the game is still pretty buggy. I think the fact that the chest opening scene can't be skipped is really annoying too, it feels so stupidly long to me. Also, the points you use to upgrade your cats was never explained as far as I remember, so I had no idea what they were until I accidentally clicked on a cat's stat icon. The game also lags in each zone, but whether that's just me or not I have no idea. That leads to the jump button not working all the time unless I mash it, which never seems to work in the worst of areas.

I love the different outfit references though, I find that feature really cool. A bit repetitive to get, but cool nonetheless.