Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

Hmm, I really like the basic concept, but the lags, especially while jumping are extremly annoying!
It increases the difficulty in a way thats just annoying!
In every other aspect, the game is too easy. Every single boss is a joke, I beat the final one for the first time with just two cats left!

i like this game but he have copy of chasters

very nice cute game with colorful cute graphics and cute characters and design
game play/controls is/are simple
music and sound are perfect
in short the game is fun cute and a little challenging and the music and sound is excellent.

the hole thing looks like clay that's why the whole game is cute


Kittens VS. Kittens

So cute and adorable O3O i wish this was on mobile platform. (like my android device)
Seems like the perfect one