Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

Super fun!!! Amazing game with great graphics and some extremely funny outfits. Awesome music, and excellent concept/plot in general.
I do have one complaint about a very annoying bug, though: When ever you get to a new world, your remaining stamina stays the same, even when you refresh and refresh and retry and retry, you still start the new level with the low amount of stamina you ended the last one with.
Other than that one bug, epic game! Keep it up!

love the game, hate the lag

do you just run into the enemies? that needed to be more clearer other than that great game!!

Very entertaining until the lag and glitches take place.

i love this game , the characters are too cute , and it's not very challenging at the point it annoys you.
it's very cool but the lag... =..=
oh god , it kills me every time!