Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

This game would have been perfect if it wasn't so laggy. It seems the farther you get the more freezing occurs.

I really wish this game wasn't so ridiculously buggy. IT could be a decent game, but between the insane lag after just two runs even when I set my flash to low quality to it not registering jumps when I press up or down, there is just no way to enjoy this game. I can't even figure out why all the memory was needed in the first place ,let alone why it sticks around. IT isn't as if it is a bullet hell game.

looks good but i can not play it because of a bug in the beggining were it keeps switching from night to day please fix this bug!

Awesome game, took me a few hours to complete and collect everything.
It was a great task to get that 20-25 stamina to at least get somewhere near the end of the final boss.
Loved the hidden costumes that only the endboss randomly can spawn in (Pacman and Superman) and all other references xD
Little tip for people who can't get past a certain boss: get some decent hp and always have at least 3hp per second heal after the 2nd boss.
The last 2 ones can just be done with Masterchief in the rear (heals 4/sec).
My fav team from front to back: Link, Vader/Mario, Mixed sniper (pacman head, yellow MC top, red turtle secondary weapon and Megaman weapon) and Masterchief.
There are some glitches and bugs in the game though, like being able to fall through the floor or fighting on 2 different heights at once.
For any other completionists out there, just camp the final boss for the remaining pieces, some people are rarer than others but you can get everyone from him.

nice game, it's really annoying gett enough stamina to complete the game... I gave up