Reviews for "StrikeForce Kitty"

i have every possible item for the first stage and come 2 blocks shy of the last milk bottle i need to get past this level. litterally no possible way have every stamina stat on and cant make it. plus what do the fish ranks even do..

Bugs I found:
-Sticky controls at some points.
-Sometimes your first character gets behind after a hit and takes a LONG time to get back in place.
-Foxbowza's soul doesn't chase you if you go from level 2, but does if you start on level 3.
-For some reason, even at low quality it may slow down.

-Foxbowza's souls catches up to you far too fast.
-Enemies get too strong too fast, when you go to the next level you actually get pwned unless you farm a few levels.
-Farming levels gets too hard too fast.
-Lack of "change quality" button.

Nice concept, funny and full of potential, but you need to address the bugs and errors or it gets boring far too fast.

will its perfect but thare are so so many things to unlock plz fix that or let me see you cant

No W A S D?
Gltichy and buggy, has potential though.

Nice concept, but the progress is really slow, I was not able to get past the first world in one hour. You should at least double the stamina points.