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Reviews for "Miscrits Generator G1.0"

At first I tought it was a combination game, like you had to create dope monsters :( But well, I didn't really understand the purpose of switching monsters and backgrounds, but what doesn't amuse me might entertain others! It was really nicely done, I loved the art work and the tutorial was kinda funny. So, good work for that! :)

its a game on facebook

Shame - a wasted opportunity - could have been a "name that" game, or a "put in the right order" game, but instead it's a "scene generator".

While the graphics are quite good, there are clearly from elsewhere: basically still images of 44 Miscrits (out of a possible 353!) at each of 4 evolution stages from the Miscripedia; and the backgrounds appear to be from Miscrits, Volcano Island. The "tutorial" was a masterclass in bad dialogue (what I managed to pay attention to at least - it was so terrible and slow that I ignored most of it). Why does a scene generator even need such a long-winded tutorial anyway?

Perhaps this makes sense to fans of Miscrits, but as a scene generator, it's lousy - no foreground items / scenery, only two creatures to place, creatures only have one pose, creatures are not scalable. Also no extras like attack sprites or props. I assume these creatures battle - so why can't I make a scene where they're fighting? You know, one throwing a tornado, and another throwing a boulder or fireball - oh wait that would require more than one pose and extras...

Hidden chest was lame - doesn't even open.

Uhh... is It Me? Or Are The medals Not Popping Up Already?

Medals take no effort (aside from secret medals having to be found and clicked on). You literally can get two a minute by scrolling to the miscrit and leaving it up on the screen for a minute. This scene creator is more or less just a really long waiting game in regards to medals. There is not much creativity involved with this one which is just sad. Also, unable to find the Phoenix at all. Oh well.