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Reviews for "Miscrits Generator G1.0"

what to say on writing name and on the?

Shame - a wasted opportunity - could have been a "name that" game, or a "put in the right order" game, but instead it's a "scene generator".

While the graphics are quite good, there are clearly from elsewhere: basically still images of 44 Miscrits (out of a possible 353!) at each of 4 evolution stages from the Miscripedia; and the backgrounds appear to be from Miscrits, Volcano Island. The "tutorial" was a masterclass in bad dialogue (what I managed to pay attention to at least - it was so terrible and slow that I ignored most of it). Why does a scene generator even need such a long-winded tutorial anyway?

Perhaps this makes sense to fans of Miscrits, but as a scene generator, it's lousy - no foreground items / scenery, only two creatures to place, creatures only have one pose, creatures are not scalable. Also no extras like attack sprites or props. I assume these creatures battle - so why can't I make a scene where they're fighting? You know, one throwing a tornado, and another throwing a boulder or fireball - oh wait that would require more than one pose and extras...

Hidden chest was lame - doesn't even open.

What's the medal 'Enter the Phoenix" about?

mano, oh mano! lot's of trophies, and the tutorial is longgg! but it's great.

It is indeed a good creature generator. I love the mythical techno music. The creatures are well designed and very creative and the scenes are creative and well designed as well...