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Reviews for "Notorious Inc."

I've played it 4 times now and I STILL can't stop laughing at it each time I finish it or something weird happens.

I've stolen 26 pieces of candy from babies
I've had my people take over 19,000$ in stolen lawn gnomes, no idea how that one worked but I love it.
I've build death rays, satellite controls, A GIANT GOLDEN THUMBS UP which will burn your retinas out if you stare at it gotta say I love that one.

But enough of my random adventureish oddities and onto the game itself.
Over all it's getting a 5, any game that can keep me this entertained enough to replay it this many times already is good enough to stand on a 5 alone.
Yet you've also got humor into it and that makes it even better.
The graphics basic, but that's what works you don't need a fancy ass high def, 3D for this in fact it'd take away from it i'd say.
Buying and selling, it's a interesting way to play a game, I found more often than not i'd get the best deal right when i'd get busted or run out xD always a pain.
The upgrades quite interesting indeed, but I have a few suggestions for the sequel...yes sequel cause it needs to freaking happen okay?
Minions: You buy these guys and over all they are good for nothing but random events that maybe useful sorta....Because at one point cash is king when it comes to % chances and the poor guys are left out in the middle of...well lawn gnome stealing turf. What can we do about this? Give them missions of their own, when you go to their area, allow us to send off X amount of them on a business venture that may or my not come to your favor. Allows them to be useful and some extra cash now and then if something goes wrong.

Radio tower: Now this thing irked me...Cause I figured cool lets upgrade it and see what it could do for me, since it talked about a deal or two if I recall correctly, but in truth it never seemed to do much of anything for me really...Which is sad. I'd say the radio tower would be a great idea for a Positive event that pops up saying "X item" is on MEGA sale in Y for the next week or something, giving you a heads up into deals that are around making it more useful.

Research lab, while you're developing all this stuff, why not sell off a few plans and make some cash? Cause a war or something?

Those are some of the little things i'd change, but over all the core aspect of the game should remain the same, as well as the humor...and more lawn gnomes seriously, that stealing 19k worth of them i laughed so hard i almost fell out of my chair.

Amazingly addictive. A simple concept with a few laughs here and there. I agree that this needs a save function but it's pretty good as is.

this game is amazing, I lead 12 puppies to evil

A wonderful way to spend an evening conning people out of their money.
Nice game-play, good jokes, not too hard, a little easy but really fun to play.

I Love It. So adicctive. 5 Stars ;)