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Reviews for "Notorious Inc."

I love this game, its so simple and yet it is still fun too play. I think the dialogue is hilarious and the situations much enhance the gameplay. Sadly not 5 stars because the game seems almost too short for me.

this is just such a bad game! my computer cant handle it,and i get alot of problems...and all my items cant be sold for a higher price,and i keep losing ALL my money at a problem,and nothing would work,seriously...the only thing that is a bit good...is the graphics...even the music isn't too well!

It should have a bit more to it, like other "notorious" guys that you could interact with or misions apart from "Be evil".
All in all, it`s really adictive and fun, though a bit basic.

Great and addicting game, and it will be better if there's more upgrade on the HQ or make the upgrades a bit expensive. The only problem is things get easy ones you can afford the artifacts.

All this game needed with a menu that let you see the market trends. Maybe an unlockable?