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Reviews for "Notorious Inc."

Game was fun, and as far as people QQing about the difficulty/content. I feel this is more of a time killer/casual play over anything. Great work!!!

waaaaayyy too easy

Fun but not really a challenge although it was good for killing some time, cheers!

It is interessting but you do need alot of luck to get some great prices

-Its funny

-but not really a challenge

-its pretty much just a decorated slot machine

-the whole "market" concept was complete bullshit, really all you do in the game is sell artifacts and nothing else
hmm I can buy 150 artifacts (max quantity) and make around 1,500,000$ selling them
or I can buy 150 t shirts and make around 1500$ selling them

-the random events never had me blink an eye or consider which option to choose
pay 10,000$ for 80% success
use people 100 for 50% success
do nothing for 33% success
well I have 50,000,000 dollars but only 150 people (max) so...

-and random investments? cool and funny stories but tactically irrelevant
invest in street performer 100$
well I have 50,000,000$ so 100$ is nothing, sure why not
Now I have 50,000,050$... uhh ok I guess