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Reviews for "Notorious Inc."

An innovative game of strategic selling! Graphics are good, gameplay is functional and structured once you get used to it, and there's a lot more fun involved than you can see at a first glance! Nicer work.


I've been waiting for a game like this for years!

Excellent game. I know there could be a lot more, but for me you struck a perfect balance between a good amount of material yet still little enough to avoid complication. The game is very easy to learn and a joy to play. It wasn't tough to to earn notoriety, max out my constructions, and make endless amount of cash. The advisor is excellent at making sure you know what you're doing, and I was able to figure out the other nuances with no trouble. I was bit surprised that the game ended as quick as it did, but I was actually pleased that I succeeded in such a short time, as it made the game a quick and relaxing play. There doesn't seem to be much of a challenge one you figure everything out, but but I see this as more of a simulator that offers a unique and personal experience. The trading and solving of events are simple to master, but so very satisfying!

I was disappointed that the game doesn't save our progress, but the short play-time made that less of a problem. I'd still like to see a save feature.

The graphics are colorful and well done. The illustrations are great, from the cartoony characters to the futuristic "super-villain" buildings on the island. I had no problems with the music, as others had; there's a ton of arrangement hidden in tracks -probably unnoticed by most players- and I thought most of it fit the game very well.

The humor is dark and a little naughty, but it never crosses the line between satirically silly and sadistically mean. Clearly, this is all for fun. I also like how you stuck in so many dark jokes without being needlessly vulgar or relying on shock value. Lastly, outside of a few typos, I was pleased with the quality of the grammar. The dialogue is fun to read.

Great job, guys. In the end, l have to agree with the reviewers who want to see an expanded version of this, with a longer journey, more customizable options, and some save files. More characters, more locations, more random events, and more strategies would all be good. But as is stands, it's still a damn fine game.

ChickadeeGames responds:

Wow! Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! We really appreciate it!

As an Economics student, I gotta say that this game is the most realistic simulator of a "liberalized world market", and it's really funny.

oh god, that was hilarious! its like Evil Genius meets neoliberal capitalism! XD really nice art style and great humor/puns. nice duration, liked the base build-up and i though the sale system was well put together. the only issues i had was with the taxing at the end of each year, i didnt quite understand what it was for. also, you go through junior execs like crazy! the more you had, the more you lost, it through that part off a bit. overall, really fun, nice art style/music, great design, and a perfect idea for an android game! Kudos!