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Reviews for "Notorious Inc."

I think this is a good tycoon game

Alright, I loved it, but it needs to be much longer, possibly to where it provides a challenge to take over the world, it was a total buzzkill! XD I was so excited at that point and blam! Nothing.. Haha except spam bots. I figured I would have to buy all of the stuff in the game to actually win. :P

Such a fun game to play, wish you could save though. The columbian sock was a nice touch

Frickin fun game all around, finished with bout 680 mil under my belt

Loved it, I found a good way to earn money, I had about 30 execs and still had over 20 thousand dollars, in the next one (or this one) please put a save feature for people with Newgrounds accounts. I would give a full 5 stars but it's the save mechanic that gets me.