Reviews for "Double Hitler"

Everything, from the idea, to the story, to the art, to the music, everything was fantastic!
I felt it a tad bit difficult though, but I suppose that's what makes it extra and satisfying when you complete an act. Sadly, I cannot for the life of my finish the third freaking map of act three, and it's stressing me out waaaay too much to finish, but perhaps someday....

All in all, great game. Keep up the good work.

this was adorable :P nice art style, and the music fit in well with all. i really enjoyed how serious all the adults were when he's flailing around and they just sigh, and say no. too funny. gameplay overall was really tricky. took me about 30min to beat the last level... maybe the balance was a bit off in general because it really got frustrating after a while, but the concept is so clever that i had to continue. certainly enjoyable and quite funny, thanks!

p.s. nice ending! XD

Explains a lot of the tactical errors the Germans made in WWII.

Good game, except sometimes the momentum was kinda weird.

Pewds Played

Too fun. a few hearty laughs for this one. Innovative too