Reviews for "Double Hitler"

this game is so awesome i laugh hard when i saw pewdiepie play this game (sorry if i put something wrong my english is bad)

Hi sophistication and hard work for a crappy game. What a mistake!

This is hilarious and creative; great job man :)

"Steichener's tanksss caan't go throughh fther mein fuhhrrer"
Couldn't you place some loud and high pitched noise with it to make it more annoying?

The design, art and concept are all great, but the fun we get from this compared to the time we spend to get it done is not proportional at all... I mean, wtf man?! How many times did you complete the game yourself? And how many bonuses did you catch?! How many times did you loose balance due to a pointless bomb shake? Do you mute the game when you play it?!...

I didn't like the game and gave up playing, I just enjoyed the story.

what about when hitler was in war?