Reviews for "Double Hitler"

Hilarious, and an interesting concept.
HELPFUL HINT: You can also use the arrow keys to lean.

DamianSchloter responds:

Thank you! The arrow key controls are a remnant of an earlier version of the controls scheme. I decided to leave them in because why not. You'll obviously have to get someone to work the mouse for you though.

Good, to a point. The artwork was marvelous, and the music was too. But it was very, very hard.

That, and I wanted to smack that assistant so much. "Zat is impassible terrain, Mein Fuhrer."

Amazing concept, really innovative i like this game

would be a better game if i also had someones shoulder to sit on aka an extra pair of hands to work the mouse

DamianSchloter responds:

I realize that not everybody has the patience to brave the controls, but their difficulty is part of the joke. Your feedback is noted though.

Fine game with great art.

And for people complaining the difficulty: It doesn't have traditional controls so it feels hard. When you get hang of the controls, it's going to be very easy.

(Epilogue was hard:/ )

DamianSchloter responds:

Thanks mate! There is truth to what you're saying. Although there are differing philosophies about the appropriate amount of difficulty for a game like this. I think it comes down to is at what point frustration stops being at all funny, because frustration definitely is part of the joke.