Reviews for "Double Hitler"

Very nice indeed. Having struggled for almost three hours(and counting) with level 3, I now give you:

Hitler reacts to "Double Hitler"

DamianSchloter responds:

Hahaha! That's brilliant!
Also I didn't think anyone would spend three hours with this game :D
Thanks for playing indeed.

This game is awesome, the lack of the rest of the stars is because your punishments for failing in this game are too high c ompared to how easy it is to fail

DamianSchloter responds:

Thanks! I didn't anticipate people falling over as much as they do. I might dial down the points lost for toppling.

brilliant idea

it was fun. But man that last map is just not worth it. I give up

DamianSchloter responds:

Thanks for playing! I've had a lot of people criticizing the difficulty of that last map and I figure that criticism is valid. However, I don't think I'm gonna redraw it, since it is really hard to determine when the difficulty is just right. Developers are the worst testers for their own games, or so they say.

I laughed.
Although, it got frustrating at the end.
The ending is awesome.

One thing though. I need the name of the music playing.