Reviews for "Double Hitler"

My gosh man the QWOP controls made this impossible, when I had to draw out the map for our troops I just give up ;_; Sorry

Nothing I could say much about QWOP types of games since this game was design to be difficult from the start.

The only thing I would say about this is that there only two types game levels here. The drawing level and the waving level. There should be more level types even though the game is already difficult as it is. This game is focus more on the drawing level and because of that, I feel a bit bored when I keep playing the same level type and failing on it. The music choice is good but maybe you should not stick just only 1 track. This kind of music is good for the beginning but after a while it gets boring very quickly.

This game is indeed challenging but it just need more variety on level types and music just to reduce the boredom. Overall, it is a good game.

I made a let's play on this game, if anyone interested please check it out.

DamianSchloter responds:

Hey, thanks for your feedback and thanks for making a video, those are always so cool! Anyway, your feedback is sound. I've already cut parts of the game during development so as not to milk the joke for too long since I figured people don't have the same attention span for browser games they have for standalone titles. Also it's a small project and I wanted to keep it that way :D.
The music being the same track that starts over with every level is a deliberate choice. It just seemed funny in my head, I don't know man.

The way the instructor says 'What the deuce' at the beginning is hilarious. xD

DamianSchloter responds:

Thanks! Nice to get appreciated for my voice acting as well :D


This game is really great but super hard with just a touchpad!

DamianSchloter responds:

So you like to play on hard mode? I salute your daring, sir.
Seriously though, I just came up with that control scheme and stuck with it. I don't see it working with anything other than a two button mouse. A gamepad maybe, but that wasn't on the budget.