Reviews for "Double Hitler"

Very fun game, gets extremely hard at some points (cough cough ending cough) But overall I very much enjoyed it. I did find a...I think exploit or cheat? This might be just because it is a browser game, but on the final 3 maps, you can glitch through the buildings by pressing the "command" key, or that weird colored square thing on Pc, and using the paintbrush at the same time. What this does is it exits you out of the browser screen, then you click back in where you want (and where Hitler can reach,) and it warps the paintbrush through the buildings. Thanks!

DamianSchloter responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.
I did not know about that exploit. I don't think there's anything I can do about it though. But it's not a competitive multiplayer game or anything, so it's not that important I guess. Thanks for bringing it up though!

"I believe there is a wall there Mein Fuher"
I believe you can go F*ck your self.
"Our tanks cant get past there, mein Fuher"
We have F*cking artillery, blow it up and blitzkreig!
"Steiner's tanks can't go through there, Mein Fuher"
Relay these orders to Steiner... 'Go F*ck yourself'


Feeling down 'n' dirty, feeling kinda grim
I've been from art school to the downfall of Berlin
This time I had a good time, ain't got time to wait
I wanna stick around till there's no more Jews to exterminate

Fill my eyes with that double Hitler
No disguise for that double Hitler
Ooh, when it gets through to me, it's always new to me
My double Hitler gets the best of me

The game is very good.
The physics are simple but briliantly implemented in a game mechanic.
The gfx i thin are hand drawn and they are soo sweet.
#1 Great mechanic
#2 great gfx
#3 Fun gameplay

#1 You are still little Hitler (I know if he later was a adult they would have needed to dich the key mechanic)
#2 Story too fast!

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DamianSchloter responds:

The children remaining the same age is a deliberate choice for comedy reasons. The story moves quickly because I didn't want the joke to outstay its welcome before people get too bored.