Reviews for "Double Hitler"

Pewds Played

Great game, loved the fact but the last part was a little hard for me,, at least with a labtop mouse. Will try when i get an actual computer.
Hitler: "God damn it i said glass of juice not gas the jews!"

i was brought here by the pewds. it's really fun and addicting, BUT THAT LAST PART MAKE MY RATING GO DOWN BY 1 STAR

I gave up yesterday after trying the first level for like, 45 minutes. Then I got the hang of it, and was ready to rule the world, but OMFG that level was too difficult haha

In the worlds of NG User madnessrockz- "STEINER AND HIS TANK CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES!"

Love the game, sharing it with my friends when I get the chance.

There's a thin line you walk on when mixing humor with a sensitive subject in art. I think you do this nicely by keeping the tone of the game serious, while the premise of the game is obviously ridiculous.

Is the ending different if you manage to pickup bonuses?

DamianSchloter responds:

Thank you. I'm very glad people get the humor of it.

There is no different ending, I'm afraid. That's just not something I thought of.