Reviews for "Double Hitler"

haha very funny game! I like it, good mechanics, nice gameplay and overall good game!

----------After Playing----------
>After 2 times of finishing the game within hours, I find the game quite great actually!

>I've never actually thought of a game like this before! The whole concept of the game was quite great! It seems perfect for a theme within World War II! 2 children disguised themselves as Adolf Hitler, or some strategies, that led them from an art class to a strategic bunker to lead the army.
=> Not to mention those 2 kids.. Looked very alike of Adolf Hitler, and Hermann Fegelein.

>Humorously, Fun, Challenging kind of game.

----------While Playing----------
>At first I tried to start an accurate way to play the game. Practicing some techniques out, and I notice while progressing the game. The developer of the game (DamianSchloter) made a pattern of how you achieve those bonuses, in a easier way. Once you achieve and understand the basics of the game.

> Sadly I missed only 1 "Bonus" (last part, nearest from the enemy) in the end of the epilogue. It made me curious if there was an secret ending... Then it started to question my curiosity about it.. Until I finished the whole game again. It was worth the challenge. Yet somehow I felt disappointed, there was no secret ending though.. :(

> The music was deserving! Although sadly, the whole idea of repeating the same music over and over again doing a tough challenge, isn't such a good idea.. As do for most people, it would surely make them feel annoyed. Even though classical music is one of my favorites, I too feel a bit annoyed.. Not much, but still a bit though. For a challenging game of course.
And yes it suits the game with this music, yet as I said, with only one music for a challenging game isn't great.. Although I still find it entertaining, playing the music within during my review for this game.
=> Music = [8.5 / 10]

> The art was totally great! It even quite fits of the game, same time the theme of it. Quite simple of how you made it actually, yet the big thing is.. You got the right art for it!
=> Art = [9 / 10]

> The gameplay was almost a little bit perfect! The only thing sad is for those glitches. But other than that, it still didn't ruined much of the gameplay though. With a little bit of multi-tasking, accuracy and timing.. It becomes more of a challenging game, in achieving something that's worth while.
> Feeling great of how you accomplish something so unique, and more of a bit impossible for most people.. As I got all the bonus and recieved an 6105 score.. I'm quite pleased though. Never the less, a game worth playing :)
=> Gameplay = [9 / 10]

DamianSchloter responds:

Thank you very much for your review. I'm sorry there is no secret ending, I just never thought of that. Watching and reading about how people play the game and what they expect from it is very informative though. I'll take all of these different perspectives into account for future projects.

Your point about the music is also valid. I have now swapped it for a longer version (the second movement in its entirety). People have been spending a lot more time on the levels and the game as a whole than I had expected.
I have also fixed a couple of bugs but the one where your body distorts after resetting is as good as it gets I'm afraid.

Thanks again for writing this up. It's very helpful.
Also, 6105 is a pretty good score!

The Dificulty curve in that last part...
Explendid art, original idea, good music.
But i can't reach the end of the story so it really dosn't matter. i don't got time to try and try until i can get it rigth so i guess ill never know what happens in the end.
Maybe a skyp button?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! This game is really funny, i laughed so hard xD
I find the gameplay very annoying though (it reminded me of QWOP), but the idea, the art and the comedy is excelent!!!
I had a very good time with it. Thank you for making it and keep going.

Shake thay German Booty...