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Reviews for "Hide & Seek"

I can totally imagine a two-players final-boss level in wich the duo stares at the monster and then start loading their weapons, cleaning their swords, talking about the things they would be doing back in home. Around 0:55 they flexionate their knees, and finally when the 1:03 drop strikes, the beast lands a hit on the ground followed with the duo's jump into battle.

At 1:44 the boss hits one of them, the other incapacitates the beast the necesary time to one run onward his friend and take his hand, they stand togheter... They know this time isn't just one boss, is the last one...

-Hey dude... I'm the one who took that soda back in school... sorry
+You son of a... That soda was expired anyway

The monster gets back on his feet, covered in blood and rage, one last time... at 2:57, the battle takes place and they finally make it trought his chest around 3:35.

Great song :3

somehow this would fit in a sort of game where you gotta solve enigmas... til the drop though :D really funky and badass

holy... ok i have no words

i first found this song first on GD, but i was really bad at it, never heard the full song, and never knew you could find the song on newgrounds, and years later, i realized that it was on here, and it's great.

One of the best music!