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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

I think this is a great game, if you released a version an extended version for sale, I would buy it.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! This is something that we are actively considering!

First and foremost, the controls with the XBOX controller are AWESOME! This is by far the best game I played on Newgrounds in the past decade (and that's not to say I have not played many great games; Meatboy being a close second). I may go as far as saying it's on par with Vlambeer's Super Crate Box. The challenge is exactly right, the graphics bring back memories from 25 years ago when I played SMS in the good sense, beautifuly pixelated. The music works to boost the game's greatness. It made me want to shell out some cold hard cash and buy it (which I wouldn't do for any game on the "hot water" site).

Some room for improvement exists:

Once I finally made it to the yellow robot after playing about a hundred rounds and got 60+ million $ I was slightly disappointed for two reasons.. 1. It currently seems like the golden robot is completely unbeatable and very much overpowered. Perhaps beyond NES hardness, then again perhaps not. ;) I also found out that I could change the "settings" and start from the golden robot?! and with the golden gun to boot? What is the point in that?! The game is score based so shouldn't it play the same for everyone, otherwise how are we gonna brag?
The attraction was that it could be played like an oldskul arcade where you play over and over to improve the score but if you can just start over with the overpowered gun during the last boss.. I don't know

1. Balance the difficulty of the last robot.
2. Perhaps adjust the HP of the second red boss.
3. Allow air-jump without cheats?
4. Remove the other cheats.. Make them require a code (Don't give highscore to cheaters).
5. Make a paid version with online score.

RaveRadbury responds:

Holy crap! We didn't expect anyone to break $50,000,000 so quickly!! CONGRATULATE, YOU ARE GREAT GAME PLAYER!

Good catch re: the Oscars being super-broken. They are fun game modes, and are not meant to be used to enhance score. Any Oscar that unfairly increases score does not save to the scoreboard at the end of the round. We definitely don't give highscores to cheaters.

As for the Gold difficulty, yeah, it really could use more balancing. That was a challenge I tossed in because Hainsaw kept complaining that the game kept getting too easy for him.

In response to your tl;dr

1. Yes

2. It's a score cap, are you saying that we should raise or lower it?

3. Like a single double jump? Best actor is infini-jump

4. Oscars are unlocked through score achievement, maybe we should increase the unlock requirements?

5a. I could set up an online scoreboard if someone helps me integrate the NG api with my game or if someone can help me host the scoreboard data somewhere. We would do this for free.

5b. On the idea of a paid version, we are open to the idea of expanding this game into several levels/scenes with the same arcade design, but with different play mechanics, bosses, and content. Whether or not we do is going to be based on the reviews and feedback of players like you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts, if you would like to discuss anything more with me please do not hesitate to send me a PM. Thanks again!

i want more

RaveRadbury responds:

To be continued...?

I like this game, it really catches the metal slug feel: freaking hard to beat!

Also about the controls: if you want a layout that "works" (this still depends on the player, although I found this layout the best working one, and expect others to agree with this) awsd for movement, arrows for aiming and space for shooting.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thanks for the compliment!

I'll be sure to toss your suggested layout onto the Author's Comment.

A little tuff but once you get good controls set it becomes a great game just overall. I especially love the look, reminds me of Spider Velociraptor (a space invaders-esque mobile game). The film theme of it also something fresh, which is better then the straight forward "you're a soldier and ummm... the enemy 's or some shit.. just shoot shit". Overall this deserves a better rating, though I understand the hate towards the controls (in which i recommend using w-jump a,d-left and right h-fire u,j aiming k crouch roll or whatever it really is). So to this have 5 stars!