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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

Fun idea, but the control scheme is just too weird. I can barely hit all the keys together while playing. I have to agree that the F and D keys are too far off to be used. Down should be duck and Z should be jump and maybe X be fire. Just a thought. Other than that, the graphics and sound were pretty good!

RaveRadbury responds:

A keybinding option has just been added, so you can use that control scheme! Let me know how it works for you!

Nice, but as others have stated, the keyboard controls are a bad choice. It's an unfamiliar setup, and that it force your fingers in a weird twist.

Also, I believe that the space, d & f key inputs interfere with each other, preventing fluid control of the character. If you only play-test with a game pad, you may be unfamiliar with the coding necessary to get kbd input without one key's input signal masking the other. You badly need to look into that, as lack of fluidity is a big turn off for players, specially in a casual browser game setting.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thanks for the feedback! We've added a menu option to change the controls, I hope this improves your experience!

In regards to the physical limitations of keyboards, we spent several hours over a couple of weeks trying to puzzle out how to approach they keyboard controls. There were several suggested schemes that ran into the input signal masking issue, but we only encountered this at 4 keys and higher.

Regardless, it should no longer be an issue, as you can now play with your own custom layout.

Retarded as **** control scheme. I can barely press the buttons with the weird positioning. Please change it to a standard "zxc" or a wasd/mouse.

RaveRadbury responds:

Check out the new option in the main menu to change your keybindings. Let me know what layout you end up going with, because we were obviously stumped in trying to find a good one.

This game would be fine but its abhorrent control setup makes it not even worth playing.

RaveRadbury responds:

An option has been added to change the control setup! I hope that brings the game back into the realm of things worth playing.

I don't usually write reviews but with some of the responses I have read I thought I should.

I get what you have said about Super Metroid. The problem is that most people are not use to having a separate button to duck. In fact having to use a different button the down to duck causes many problems as you do have to retrain yourself in order to pull it of on muscle memory (Which really matters in this game). I would also contest that in Super Metroid you still DUCKED WITH THE DOWN BUTTON and you were unable to duck when moving. Most people would use the shoulder buttons to aim up and down. It is also worth mentioning that Super Metroid had a hard control scheme for its time even among the hardcore crowd (mostly because you could not dash jump and fire with out shifting your thumb).

Bottom the controls are NOT!! intuitive and there are better options. In the case of the two control sticks that you mention there is currently not a better way to play fps's as you will have a quicker response time and it also required triggers and bumpers to work. I can't argue with that but I can make a argument with that there are better control schemes for this game.

With that said I got use to the control scheme within three runs (mostly I have been playing for 30 years and can pick up control schemes easily) when I started winning Oscars. I like the concept over all and it is very challenging. However it didn't hold my attention very long.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thanks for the information and your feedback! I really appreciate your counter-points.

We have added an option to change the control scheme. Let me know what you end up using!