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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

this game style is cool and funny but the final results of playability are strange/confusing because:

where is my HP?? controls not good, hp restore items?? no checkpoints??

you could have done one of the best games if you improve that playability

RaveRadbury responds:

The stage lights are your health. That's why the screen gets darker. We wanted a health-meter that could be intuitively detected even when it wasn't being viewed, much like contemporary FPS and blood on the screen.

I have just uploaded a new version that contains a keybinding option. Enjoy!

There are HP restore items, but they're hiding.

This game doesn't have any checkpoints because it is built as an arcade experience with short play cycles. Your goal isn't to finish the level, it is to survive for as long as you can while making as much money as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to ask these questions.

Please, let us edit controls, cause they are terrible for play....

RaveRadbury responds:

Your request has been fulfilled! Try out the keybinding option in the main menu.

Controls are terribad, it's not a scheme used in any regular basis whatsoever and it makes you have to constantly second guess your movement. Also if you're going to keep those control schemes make it simple and add auto fire, don't sit here and make us click the fire button while trying to jump duck etc the contrast of it all makes you want to just pull hair out.

I'm not making it far due to the controls i'll kill the boss but die so i lose, another thing that might want to be changed once it's dead, it's dead you no longer take damage, because yeah...losing to the 1st boss over and over because it made some last ditch mega fire effort + environmentals killing you even though you wont does not make for a fun game.

Music wise it's a simplistic game, and the music follows suit, that's not to say it's bad in fact it compliments quite well.

Another thing having the director pop up in the corner shouting good or bad etc, might be a fun touch as you are part of a movie, as well a "CUT" at the end if you die would also add some little to the game and people do notice those kinds of things.

I'm going to keep playing but at this current moment it's a 2.5/3 out of 5 and 3 being nice really.

Got farther into the level only to die due to massive amounts of things such as UFO's and tanks that you have to pay more attention to than the boss.

Another note shooting missiles, WHY is this not a thing? Seriously I can understand bullets/energy balls but most games allow you to take out missiles which would also help the games odd key scheme.

RaveRadbury responds:

A keybinding option has just been added! I hope this clears up your control issues.

Re: auto - fire and the boss - This game is not about destroying the boss, it is about shooting an action-packed battle scene. Your goal isn't to blow everything up until nothing is left. Objects can be used for cover; auto-fire would leave you with nowhere to hide. The boss is invincible, but its behavior can be affected to increase the intensity and therefore the score.

As for the missiles, they are simply homing shots to balance out the spread and chainshot attacks. Several tools and techniques are available to you for bullet and missile management.

I hope this helps. Thank your for taking the time to share your thoughts.

controls are weird...i feel like selling your game as hard is a cop-out to making a good game.

RaveRadbury responds:

A keybinding menu has just been added!

I'm a big fan of SNES and NES era games, which are notorious for being difficult. I am also one of those crotchety sour people who complains about games being too easy these days. The difficulty of the game and the way it is presented is a reflection of my style preferences. I can understand how artificial difficulty cheapens a game, and with a control scheme that doesn't work for you this game may have very well verged into that territory.

I hope that the update allows you to see the depth and thought that has been put into the design! At the end of the day though, I guess it is just a matter of preference.

good game, but you seriously need to have a new keyboard idea.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thanks! A keybinding menu has been added. Check it out!