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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

I think this is a great game, if you released a version an extended version for sale, I would buy it.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! This is something that we are actively considering!

Not too bad of a game. Lack of autofire is tedious, would play more like the run n' gun it means to be if it had it. I saw somebody else's comment for the same, and I have to admit, I don't see how adding an autofire where you press a button for continuous fire would make you unable to hide. Aside from that, it's a blast! I do have to ask, where can I get that intro song? Mr. Beckstrom's soundcloud page doesn't seem to have it, and a google and youtube search have so far proved fruitless.

RaveRadbury responds:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

The decision to not have autofire was partly a style choice, the number of pistol shots you can have on screen is limited like Mega Man, and Metal Slug doesn't have autofire either. Contra does though. It's also an attempt to reduce busy-ness and keep the screen clear(er).

The biggest reason is because the gun is meant to be used as a burst fire weapon and not as something that needs to constantly be firing at a set pace. The 3 bullet limit can actually be circumvented by reducing the distance between you and your target. This rewards riskier gameplay and therefore the intensity of the player experience.

Lane actually made the intro track specifically for IPCFOS. I'll see about having him host it somewhere.

Needs less bullet hell.

this is just stupid, you add in keyboard changes but they revert after every game, wtf man? we have to RE-set all the key binding for every play!

RaveRadbury responds:

Aaaaaaaaand patched! Sorry about that, it should save your control scheme now.

This is a very good effort. I do not know much of flash but this is the first time I encountered a flash game that auto detected my controller. That said, it did not give me direction control nor the duck button. I have to agree with other reviews that a control edit is critical.

Music and sound effect fits the game well. Game is also very smooth.

Down side is I have trouble reading a lot of the text in the game. I have latest update of firefox and adobe flash. That said, I am not able to read all the text in the director script, nor the oscars room. Also took a few trial and error to figure what the oscars room is for and how to operate.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thank you for your feedback. This game is actually an HTML5 game made in Construct 2, which is why it was able to detect your controller. Also, it runs on JavaScript, not Flash.

Sorry to hear that the controls did not map to your gamepad well. Several others have also found issue with the control schemes, and in response I have added a keybinding option to the main menu. I hope this fixes your problem!

In regards to your text problem, this is something that we have been seeing in Firefox browsers. I cannot reproduce it in mine currently, and I tested the game in Chrome (as it tends to be the most stable for HTML5 games, which is why I recommend it in the note.) Having that said, I will look into possible adjustments that can be made to fix this. In the meantime, I recommend you try the game in Chrome.