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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

The " year 90" difficulty left me stuck to the game.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thank you for your kind words.

boring game,why is in film to be,i like to be not in film.

RaveRadbury responds:

Your point is well made. This is my favorite review.

It's probably a great game, but uh, what are the controls for a keyboard?

RaveRadbury responds:

The default keys are d, f, and space, along with arrow keys. This is detailed in the Director's Note. We had a graphic that displayed the first time you played every session, but this was rendered useless in the most recent update, which allows you to set up your own control scheme.

Nice game, though if I can comment on something, and frankly this may be nitpicking, I'd like to be able to skip the result screens, as in instead of having to sit there waiting for the game to count up all the bullets/time/ufo/shot/etc you can just skip ahead of it completely to start a new game quickly.

RaveRadbury responds:

This is something I'm looking into fixing in the next update.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Ok, this is great: graphics are good, sound is good, the controls are responsive.
The biggest problem I see with this game, is a very small game field-I just couldn't
find a position where I don't hit a bullet (from the very start).

You know, a good game design puts the effort on making people play for like 10 minutes before it gets to the challenge. It's not about being old-school, it's about player feeling of fulfillment.
If the player feels like his effort was rewarded appropriately
Here I was thrown in like 10 seconds onto the challenge, and got instantly killed with no reward but a freaking die-screen. On the first level/first something.

Also, you know, this game is for PC right now, and I'd be great if you told me at the beginning:
SPACE TO JUMP, CTRL TO KILL ALIENZ, ESC TO GO BOOM or something, because i was like rolling my fingers all over the keyboard to realize what the controls are. As a player, I wasn't prepared to look for that info. I just wanted to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I was all out of gum.

If you want a good example of great game design, classic Super Mario Brothers does it-yes, you can die on the first level, but at least it explains without use of words the mechanics, and the player feels great after finishing the level because you occupy a freaking castle, or beat a dragon. What could be better? :D

So, please: experiment a bit with the game design. You guys are already on the path to do something exceptional, you just need the practice to do it.