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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

This is almost great. I like the art style, the music, the humor, all that stuff, but the actual gameplay is the problem.

First off, everything is cramped into the upper half of the screen. While I appreciate the dialogue at the bottom, I have no way of reading it because I'm to focuses on the action.

Also, the player character takes up too much space, I feel. It gets to the point where there is physically no way to avoid what is coming at you.

I dunno, maybe I just suck. Either way it is a decent game, just not an excellent one.

RaveRadbury responds:

The dialogue is for the person who's watching you play! We wanted to encourage hotseat multiplayer.

Keep on trying, there are a lot of ways to improve and get better!

The controls, even after remapping, feel awkward and foreign. Fix the controls and you have a hit.

RaveRadbury responds:

I see that you've run into the same problem that we have! There doesn't seem to be a good keyboard layout. This is why we suggest using gamepads. Let me know if you find a layout that works for you.

is what a flash should be,simple,funny and time killer, good job

I think there is a glitch in this game. I got the " Best Robot", and "Best Score" achievements but they did not unlock on the oscars screen.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thanks for telling me! I'll look into it.

Ugh, is there any way to turn off automatic controller detection? I want to use Joy2Key not your autodetection for my contorller. I tried to bind my keys together and the game decided to use its own rules and I basically had better control with the keyboard. Which is pretty nuts.

RaveRadbury responds:

The automatic controller detection is going through your browser. Try to disable that maybe, or you could bind all of the keys to one button that you plan to not use, and then Joy2Key everything else. I hope this helps.