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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

Goddamn Best Robot Oscar is some serious bullet hell shit right there. Truly an adrenaline rush.
A great concept for an endless arcade game.
Flesh it out a bit, an' you'll have something truly special.

RaveRadbury responds:

You've got the kind of screenname for games like these, especially Best Robot mode.

We plan on fleshing it out into a full game if there's enough of an interest, so be sure to share this with others who would enjoy it!

Fun.. I think there should be upgrades. better guns, health...

RaveRadbury responds:

You've brought up an interesting point, and I would like to explain why I chose not to go with upgrades. Upgrades provide an external improvement to your character, rather than the internal improvement of skill through practice. Usually, upgrades are used to pad out the game experience and keep you playing. I consider this to be a bad mechanic that is used way too frequently to manipulate players, and because I feel that improving the player's skill is more valuable and authentic than just giving the player a way to outclass everything. I would rather you play this game because you enjoy the challenge or short play cycles, rather than because of a meta-game mechanic.

I like this game, it really catches the metal slug feel: freaking hard to beat!

Also about the controls: if you want a layout that "works" (this still depends on the player, although I found this layout the best working one, and expect others to agree with this) awsd for movement, arrows for aiming and space for shooting.

RaveRadbury responds:

Thanks for the compliment!

I'll be sure to toss your suggested layout onto the Author's Comment.

i want more

RaveRadbury responds:

To be continued...?

ive been trying to kill the boss for so long. does it ever die??

RaveRadbury responds:

Sorry, no. It was designed to be an endless arcade experience. We considered having an endless cycle of bosses, but this was not something that we were able to do with our time and resources. If we end up making a paid version of this, we'll be able to do something like that.