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Reviews for "It Came From Outer Space"

Lot of the same reviews; mechanics are unintuitive. It's not a great difficulty curve if you're expecting me to unlearn decades of *the way every other game ever* is made. Left to go left, right to go right, up to jump, down to duck. I find it funny that it says "This game is much better with an Xbox360 controller!" when the automapping of buttons resulted in a control scheme in which the jump button was on the opposite end from the fire button, meaning that you couldn't even jump and keep firing at the same time. Even the keyboard settings (mind you, the only actual settings that the game tells you ahead of time even as you are the ones to suggest using a controller) are slightly better mapped, but the movement scheme is ridiculous.

Eventually the screen is filled with enough crap that at that point I can't really think about controls and the instincts just kick in, and again, I believe everybody's instincts revert back to what we've done for countless collective years of gaming. It's the control scheme that really makes this difficult, more than anything else. For that I felt more lucky to get a high score than to have any sense of accomplishment.

I also disliked the speed of the missiles combined with the fact that they have no audio cue. Can't tell you how many times I was watching the sides for UFO shots or rolling mines from the back end and as soon as I jumped up a missile launched and slammed me right in the face. I could try to change the trajectory of my jump or something but only if I get a little more fair warning that the machine itself is gonna be firing as well.

Sprites were big and detailed enough, easy to identify. I never had a problem really understanding what I should be doing, it was just trying to get myself to do it properly. Hiding behind things is not as intuitive as it could be, and really was more useful in the early going because after there's lasers and spread shots and mines everywhere on the ground, giving me a box to hide behind then is mostly worthless. Staying in one place is pretty much assured death. Powerups were good when I could get them, although it was nigh-impossible to reach them without exposing myself to fire. The difficulty was usually ramped up by the time I managed to get a spread shot or machine gun so I didn't get much opportunity to use them before dying. Soundtrack was pretty cool and the interaction between stage actors and offstage crew and producers was good, although it should have been voice or something because the placement of text at the bottom of the screen meant that I couldn't really appreciate it on account of having to spend more time focusing on the play field.

It's not a horrible game, but needs more work on playability. I like me some bullet hell games, but there's games that are difficult but are designed to still be winnable because they're easy to pick up. This game's difficulty curve starts high and gets worse and in the end you feel like you could get further along in achievements but you mostly just wish it was made differently.

RaveRadbury responds:

We've added an option to change the control scheme of both the keyboard and controller, so I hope that this will improve your gameplay experience!

The boss operates on a timer, I felt that this in combination with how few missiles were shot in comparison to other attacks made it fair enough.

Thank you for your feedback!

The controls are horrible. Apart from that it's a decent game.

RaveRadbury responds:

Check out the new menu option to change the control scheme!

It's really difficult to dodge bullets not because it's difficulty level but because of mechanics. You can't speed up scoring and it takes a lot of time to go from new game button to actual gameplay( this kills fun of replaying it). Nice graphics. Ok sound. Nice idea but not everything worked.

RaveRadbury responds:

If you're having difficulty dodging things, try crouching. It halves your hitbox, but it also halves your score!

Takes time to load :D

RaveRadbury responds:

Thankfully it only has to load once!

What possibly possessed you to use such an awful control scheme?

Anyhow, work on your logo too, that look play listen thing was annoying as all hell. If you want to brand, well, you've already got your users bothered.

As for the game itself, well, when I could play it, it was awfully underwhelming. With bullet shooters you want to be quick, tense, this was just... slow and not all that interesting.

Really well done sprite work, though.

RaveRadbury responds:

We agonized over the control scheme for a while, and we thought this one would work best. Apparently not.

It's not a logo, we're not a brand. It was just something we did for fun and atmosphere. The audio was going for an Earthbound quirky feel. Sorry to hear that you found it annoying.

In response to the awful control scheme we've added a menu option to change the layout to whatever you want.

I don't know what to say in regards to the pacing. It sounds like your browser may have been having some trouble, you may want to try playing it in a different one. Aside from that, if you're attacking the boss, you should eventually finding the game's environment getting faster and more intense.

I hope that you can give it another try and have a much better time than you did the first time.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and provide us with feedback.