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Reviews for "Day Of Escape"

Simple game. It was a pretty good idea, but it was a tad bit... off. I would have never figured anything out without the hints.

Music was alright, good for a puzzle game.

Graphics weren't too realistic, but weren't too simple either.

Gameplay was fine, as well as the story. I just wish that there were multiple ways to escape, and that it used a bit more realism in it,

But, it was an easy way to get 500 points, and that actually got rid of a star from me, since the only one I'd even understand that is worth 100 is escaping.

Also, add a medal for escaping without using any hints. Otherwise, there's no point in keeping all 260 points.

kokos0102 responds:

Thanks for the review!

Great game.Easy and simpel.Keep up this good work

nice game and nice medals, easiest 500 points yet!

locker code is 231
to get the secret medal you have to move the trash bin to the left, a mouse hole will appear
pick up mike the mouse from it

I do like point-and-click puzzle games such as this one. =) 2.5/5, I gave it.

+ The music fit very well, it added a good deal to the atmosphere of being isolated
+ Art style was relatively simple, but effective enough to work. Very little in the way of clutter
+/- Solution seemed quite convoluted, but I can see how the idea of it came about.
- Controls were a little bit tetchy at times, such as moving the screen and putting down items when I didn't want it to, or not putting down items when I did want it to.
- The combination on the wall, at least to me, had absolutely nothing to do with the combination for opening the lock. At all. In the end, I tried every conceivable combination before arriving at the correct result through trial and error.

kokos0102 responds:

OK, thanks!

how to get locker open... i put in correct code but would not open