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Reviews for "The Chalice of Marfa"

Bonus scene (doors where Deedlit stay) made it 5star xD

Boob and his minions have done a great job here. THIS SHIT ROCKS. ONE MORE MEDAL TO GO AND LOOKING FORWARD TO IT !

Really liked this animation style and how funny everything seems to be in this dungeon. I loved trying to find all the ways to kill your friends and trying to find the bonuses. The ending was kinda obvious for me anyways sense i've played a few games with a similar ending but overall really fun game just too short :D

BoobMarley responds:

There are a total of 0 games that end the way this one does, sug. Maybe you felt that first twist coming, but...

is sooo funny when someone die

I want a sequel. This was very clever and pretty funny too. I thoroughly enjoyed the classic rpg references as well.