Reviews for "the red snow"

Sad, love the music

dylan responds:

me too!

nice, love this kind of animation :)
great music choice too
ps: lol at the tags

dylan responds:

if you like those, check out the tags on my other animations, they're much higher on the scale of funniness

Heyy, this is great!
It's really beautiful; I love the art style in this one too.
The story is simple, and fits the theme. I can't believe you made this in only six days o.O
The music really is impressive as well :D

The only things that bothered me in the slightest was that the title appeared both in the beginning, and in the end. I think that the end would've been enough, as this is still only a short film. It doesn't really matter though :p

Awesome job!

dylan responds:

yeah but if I didn't have it at both the beginning and the end I couldn't have it show up as both red and white, which I felt was a pretty important visual, along with the snow, to drive in the theme

An excellent piece of animation, with a compelling score, touching message and very unique artistic style. I wish you the best of luck with Nata, but regardless of the outcome you can rest assured you have an impressive work of art on your hands.

dylan responds:

I had a lot of art on my hands but then I got hungry so I had to wash them, now my art is down in the sewer with the giant alligators

Such a simple yet artful video, Gave me chills down my spine
I love how it ecompasses so much emotion and ends on the circle of life
Great work sire, I hope to see more from you

dylan responds:

sire - noun
"the male parent of an animal, especially a stallion or bull kept for breeding."