Reviews for "Guardian from strangers"

Well, that ending was a bit of a twist! I liked it, I wish the lip syning was done though. Good stuff, hopefully you keep doing more!

Cenaf responds:

Thanks. Hopefully i ll keep up with more stuff.

Good art,
Horrible animation,
Amazing story!

Well, I have to say I didn't see that ending coming. Some sort of lip-sync would have been nice but the video was fine as it is. Good job.

Cenaf responds:

Thank you

The narrative didn't do much for me, but as an animation sketch I liked the visual style.

Dat twist tho'...

Well done. The animation of the fight was great. But there's no avoiding how much realism is lost when the mouths don't move.

"Oh-ho-ho! I didn't know little schmucks had their own Protector-God." That line makes me lol way more than it should.