Reviews for "Guardian from strangers"

Nice twist! :O

Just needs lipsyncing or lip-movement for that matter, and it's be full starts!

Cenaf responds:

Thanks. I ll try to keep lip sync in my next entries

the only thing i think could improve this is actual lip syncing for the characters other than the goddess i feel the fact hey don't move they're mouths makes those parts rely a tiny bit more on the sound instead of the animation, but i think you did an amazing job on the artwork, the actions in the fighting scenes and story i like the little twist at the end.

Art/Animation: 4.4/5
Entertainment Value: 4.6/5
Overall: 4.5/5 = 90%

Great work, really enjoyed this!

Whoa... This video must've taken a lot of patience! I actually like how you've went with this too! I had never expected the big twist either! You've done a great job! ^^

this was great... I did see the ending coming... ok well sorts not the one you used but one like it... but still it was good. you lose half a star cause the non-moving mouths really threw me off, but all together that was still great.