Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"

The game is good.We all know that this game is a clone of Max Payne,but with a huge twist on the end.
The game has good gameplay but sadly its too short about 10m long.
Now i will write the cons and the pros:
#1 Fun gameplay
#2 Great graphics
#3 Funny plot

#1 You always roll when you hit the ground
#2 Lack of levels
#3 Nonsensical plot twist
#4 Too easy (died 2 times)

Hope im right and please support my account for more reviews

Unresponsive commands.

Sincerly, a lost of time. jajaa wtf a good game, very bizarre in tasdasdlol@gmail.come end. Its have a very content of personal hate.

The music is aweful. Not only is it to short and repetitive. It also simply sounds like adhd.

i like the game but plz solve the bugs