Reviews for "My Friend Pedro"


This game is pretty cool. I like how you put wall-running on this game and the style of 2D platform shooter game. However, the silly movement of the body is quite stupid and you made it worse with the wall-running. There aren't many weapons for you to use as well. You could have added the grenade launcher or grenades for the character to use in the game. Furthermore, the game was too short and repetitive and that there were no new enemies except the Boss.

In conclusion, the game was average. The graphics were alright and there were no glitches spotted, yet. But the repetitiveness would make the player seriously bored.


At first I enjoyed this game but, the thing that really annoyed me was that it seems like 1. enemies can tell when you're coming even through walls and 2. they can move into you and then hurt you with their guns but, not the other way around. This game has a nice soundtrack but, definitely has its flaws.

The game is good.We all know that this game is a clone of Max Payne,but with a huge twist on the end.
The game has good gameplay but sadly its too short about 10m long.
Now i will write the cons and the pros:
#1 Fun gameplay
#2 Great graphics
#3 Funny plot

#1 You always roll when you hit the ground
#2 Lack of levels
#3 Nonsensical plot twist
#4 Too easy (died 2 times)

Hope im right and please support my account for more reviews

Sincerly, a lost of time. jajaa wtf a good game, very bizarre in tasdasdlol@gmail.come end. Its have a very content of personal hate.